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Coordinates BIM Consulting is a provider of BIM services to industry of architecture and construction, located in Santiago, Chile, whose main characteristic is based on present innovative approaches to optimize workflows and information, using advanced technology to optimize design processes and optimize our clients integrated management of these. ​ With over 10 years in the use of BIM technology in the professional, academic and collaborative work environment in the AEC industry, coordinates Bim Consulting develops products based on 3D models in the areas of design, project review, interference detection BIM services , cost estimates, simulations, project management, construction and operation of buildings and facilities. The implementation of BIM can be carried out, according to the results to be obtained in different stages, with different levels of depth. ​ Our experience with BIM started through a project office architecture, Cespedes & Left architects, incorporating the use of this technology in the area design in 2004, covering different scales of projects with different levels of complexity, from educational buildings to urban infrastructure designs, so we fully understand the requirements of both the field of design and construction documentation. ​ We have participated applying teconologia BIM at different levels in hospital projects, education, hospitality, urban infrastructure, corporate, retail, institutional, commercial, and industrial, destancándose the current consulting with professionals in the work of the Hospiltales concessioned Maipu and La Florida.